Ground Engaging Tools

Total Source has years of valuable experience in the GET Industry. Sourcing, supplying and maintaining large earthmoving/mining companies needs. Catering to all makes and models and sizes of machines supplying all brands of GET. We provide a full range of products. ie Esco, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Keech, Hensley and the list goes on.

Supplying: D10 & D11 Cutting Edges & Corner Tips, Super V, Sidewinder and Kwik Tip Teeth & Adaptors, Ripper Boots & Shin Guards, Plow Bolts & Nuts, Wear Plate & Chock Blocks, Toplok & J Bolt Lip Shrouds & Wing Shrouds plus much more.



ES6697 ES6697-2 ES6697-3 ES6697-4 ES6697-5 ES6697-6 ES6697-7 ES6697-8 PDE57662 TAC70X240-1B TAC70X240-2L TAC70X240-2R TAC70X280-1A TAC70X280-2LA TAC70X280-2RA TAC70X320-1B TAC70X400-1B TAC80X305-3 TAC80X305-4L TAC80X305-4R TAC80X350-1 TAC80X350-2L TAC80X350-2R TAC90X225-1 TAC90X225-2L TAC90X225-2R TAC90X245-1A TAC90X245-2LA TAC90X245-2RA TAC90X270-5 TAC90X270-6L TAC90X270-6R TAC90X320-5 TAC90X320-6L TAC90X320-6R TAC90X360-1 TAC90X360-2L TAC90X360-2R TAC90X390-1L TAC90X390-1R TAC90X430-1L TAC90X430-1R TBC100X290-3 TBC100X290-4L TBC100X290-4R TBC100X345-1L TBC100X345-1R TBC100X375-1L TBC100X375-1R TBC100X375-2 TBC100X375-3L TBC100X375-3R TBC100X410-11 TBC100X410-3 TBC100X410-4L TBC100X410-4R TBC100X430-1 TBC100X430-2L TBC100X430-2R TBC120X230-1A TBC120X325-1 TBC120X325-2L TBC120X325-2R TBC120X330-1A TBC120X330-2LA TBC120X330-2RA TBC120X330-4L TBC120X330-4R TBC120X380-1 TBC120X380-2L TBC120X380-2R TBC120X395-1 TBC120X395-2L TBC120X395-2R TBC120X395-3 TBC120X395-4L TBC120X395-4R TBC120X395-5 TBC120X395-6L TBC120X395-6R TBC120X410-1 TBC120X410-2L TBC120X410-2R TBC120X410-3L TBC120X410-3R TBC120X410-4 TBC120X420-1 TBC120X420-2L TBC120X420-2R TBC120X420-3 TBC120X420-4L TBC120X420-4R TBC120X440-1B TBC120X440-2LB TBC120X440-2RB TBC120X470-1A TBC120X535-3 TBC120X535-4L TBC120X535-4R TBC140X420-1A TBC140X420-2LA TBC140X420-2RA TBC140X465-1LB TBC140X465-1RB TBC140X490-1B TBC140X490-2LB TBC140X490-2RB TBC140X575-1LA TBC140X575-1RA TBC150X445-1 TBC150X445-2L TBC150X445-2R TBC160X430-2L TBC160X430-2R TBC160X450-1 TBC160X450-3 TBC160X450-4L TBC160X450-4R TBC160X465-1 TBC160X465-2L TBC160X465-2R TBC160X520-1L TBC160X520-1R TBC160X570-1L TBC160X570-1R TBC160X430-1 T35-PNA TAP-T 35TB TAB TAP TAB TBP-T TBP TBB TBB TCP-T TCP TCB TDP TDB TEP TEBA TAW40X440-1A TAW40X600-1 TAW40X560-1 TAW50X505-1A TAW50X505-2 TBW50X655-1 TAW50X630-1A TBW75X545-1A TBW75X655-1 TBW90X855-1A TBW100X965-1 TAW120X760-1 TBW140X800-1 TBW90X495-1 TAW65-1 TAW75-1 TAW115-1 TAW135-1 TBW165-1R TBW165-1L TAW90-1 TAW50-1 V61AD V61AG V61ARL V61RY V61SD V61SHV V61SYL V61TG V61TVP V61VX V69ADB V69ADHL V69AG V69ARL V69RYL V69SD V69SYL V69VX V71ADB V71ADHL V71AG V71ARL V71RMHL V71RMX V71RXL V71RXXL V71RYL V71SD V71SDK V71SYL V71VX V81CHD V81RHL V81RMX V81RXXL V81RYL V81SD V81SYL V81VX 92TKAT 92TKHA 92TKHMA 92TKPL 92TKRML 92TKTL 92TKTVP 92TKRXL 110H92TK S110H92TK S110PN S110WA92T 112TKAT 112TKH 112TKPN-B 112TKPN-B 112TKHMA 112TKRML 112TKPN-B 112TKRXL 112TKTL 112TKLA 130HA112TK S130H112TK S130PNA SP130 130W1 S130PNA WC97 S130W112TK 122TKH 122TKHM 122TKPN 122TKPN 122TKRXL 122TKTV  122TKPN 122TKAT 122TKA S145H122TK S145W122TK 78KATA PN78K PL78KA 78KHA PN78K PL78KA 78KTLA 501W78KA 501SP 501W WC74A 515W78KA WC74A 80W78KA 92KAT 92KHA 92KHMA 92KPL 92KRML 92KTH 92KTL 92KTVP 92KRXL 110H92K 110W92K 505H92K 518H92K 523H92K 523W92K 555HB92K 555WA92K 95W92K S110H92K S110WA92K 4807-95 4813-95 4815-110 5874-110 5875-110 5876-110 112KAT 112KH 112KHMA 112KMP 112KMPA 112KRML 112KRMX 112KRXL 112KTL 112KTMA 112KTS 112KTVL 112KTVP 112KXP 130HA112K 130WA112K 534H112K 546H112K 556H112K S130H112K S130W112K 4801-130 4814-130 6811-130 122KAH 122KAT 122KAP 122KH 122KHM 122KP 122KRXL 122KTL 122KA 122KTV 130HA122K 546H122K 559H122K 574H122K S145H122K S145W122K S160H122K 4814-130 6811-130 S95CHD S95RMX S95RS S95SD S95VX WC94A WC95 WC97 WC98 WC99